Live – Angola v Zambia

Chipolopolo Boys coach Herve Renard has named Zimbabwean based defender Aaron Katebe and Kabwe Warriors captain Rodrick Kabwe in his starting line up to face Angola, can exclusively reveal

Zamfoot: Renard set to unleash young guns

Katebe’s inclusion means that Nyambe Mulenga will play at left back with the Jimmy Chisenga and Charles Siyingwa completing the back four.

Rodrick will start on the left flank and has gotten the nod ahead of Kennedy Mudenda. Angola based winger Felix Katongo will be the other wide man while the pairing of Thomas Nyirenda and Joseph Sitali has been favoured in the middle of the park.

Power Dynamos teenage striker Felix Nyainde will start on the bench as the Nkana twin towers of Ronald Kampamba and Evans Kangwa have been opted for in 4-4-2.

The match starts at 17:00 hours Zambian time.

Line Up: Kalililo Kakonje – Jimmy Chisenga, Charles Siyingwa, Aaron Katebe, Nyambe Mulenga (c)- Rodrick Kabwe, Thomas Nyirenda, Joseph Sitali, Felix Katongo – Ronald Kampamba, Evans Kangwa

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97 comments on “Live – Angola v Zambia

  1. angola misses after interchange of passes. i think physically they are stronger than us. however we remain resolute in defence. 3rd sub for angola. nyambe clears for a corner. siyingwa issuing instructions at the back regularly. we clear the corner.

  2. Felix Nyande in for Evans kangwaChakwa Lungu in for Kampamba and Dennis banda in for Rodrick Kabwe…the team looks more stable now. Aaron Katebe has moved to defenseve midfield with Thomas moving up to 8, Stali wide right.

  3. Eish, now there are counterfeit names paZed!?

    Mabbwana, how are you seeing it? How have the new faces done?

  4. go-Zambia-go don’t for for get we are the champion, we have to show them that we the champions of Africa,

  5. Govenda Simwala came on for Jimmy chisenga early in the 2nd half, Kennedy Mudenda came in for Chakwa Lungu, Stephen Kabamba has come in for Felix Katongo,

  6. If they beat us before the afcon, and we’ve forced a draw today i’d say that’s an improvement.But what angola are we tolking about regular or experimental?

  7. thanks ba neutral. this team can even wack baileys SA. it wouldnt be fair to give them our AFCON winning team. it would be like war between USA and comoros island. our main team should play teams like Germany or Italy not these soccer students. a profesor at the university cant compete with a pre school kid who can hardly read.

  8. Tuli bakali, this has shown tht we hv enough ammunition nd we jst used our pistals nd we hv reserved our Bazukas and grenades for Ghana nd Sudan. Thts hw champions play.

  9. We can’t expect to win because HR did not carry Strikers. Kampamba, Kangwa and Nyainde are too diminutive for Angola.

    HR needed to assess Strikers like Jackson Mwanza, Graven Chitalu, Ignatius Lwipa and Lubinda Mundia from Red Arrows.
    Kampamba is better used on the flanks, Nyainde is a quiet player and i don’t know why Msiska deceived HR to call the boy.
    It seems HR has carelessly shifted the attention to Midfield players instead of strikers and if this trend continues, a lot of strikers will be declared redundant and we will always be producing results of poor margins such as Draws, slender score lines etc which are not good for qualifiers because goal difference as proved to be important in recent games and competitions.
    My advice to HR is that we have alot of good strikers and that to improve on scoring, let him convert some of the strikers like Sakuwaha, Chris Katongo, Jacob Mulenga, Rodrick Kabwe etc into wingers while the likes of Mayuka, Mbesuma, Rodger Kola can be used as Central attackers.
    This works very well in qualifiers and it really helped Bonetti though we don’t remember his successes, to beat a team like Mozambique 3-0 and 2-0 respectively coz he used Jacob and Chamanga in the Wings with Mbesuma and Katongo as central attackers, while Rainford and Justine Zulu were in the Middle.

    This time HR can do it this way just to confuse the enemy.

    1. Mweene
    2. Nyambe
    3. Mbola
    4. Stophila
    5. Sinyingwa (HH does feature at TP)
    6. Nathan Sinkala
    7. Chris Katongo ( Chansa inactive)
    8. Rainford (quiet in da wings)
    9. Mayuka


    William Njobvu
    Isaac Chansa
    Cliford Mulenga
    Felix Katonga
    Rodger Kola
    Rodrick Kabwe
    Collins Mbesuma ( Call him to teach skills to the up coming strikers)

    This is the best attacking approach Zambia can ever assemble.

    As for today’s game, credit shud go to the defense and the Midfield and Kalililo for not conceding.

  10. am nt jst impressed wt wat renard & da technicals r doin bt any way hope they wil take us far in da world cup

  11. Govenda, Siyingwa, Sitali, new Zim based boy, can join Nyambe, Kakonje n Feligo for SA camp. For me Siyingwa played with composer and showed he s bullet material. But Gove n Sitali still need a step further otherwise they may not displace any in final squad.

  12. Just say;good for everything especially no loose.My main focus is that we have to beat Ghana in the first game here, if will do that then in Ghana will be draw meaning that we are through to Brazil 2014 World Cup.

  13. please ba zamfoot keep it up on up dating us on what is going on the ground about soccer thanx so much for the up date

  14. give credit to the Nuetral Man, he managed to update us all until the end while watch the game, a think most us can not afford. thumbs up my man.

  15. Renard unveils FIFA World Cup qualifier squad

    African champions Zambia’s quest for a maiden FIFA World Cup finals place got underway in earnest Thursday 17 May when Herve Renard named a full strength Chipolopolo to prepare for the two June fixtures for the world’s biggest football festival which Brazil will host in 2014.

    Africa’s top national side plays away in Sudan on 2nd June when Chipolopolo face the Nile Crocodiles in Kahrtoum before taking on Ghana’s Black Stars at the new Levy Stadium in Ndola on June 9.

    Enroute to winning the Africa Cup, Zambia beat Sudan 3-0 and Ghana 1-0 in the quarter and semi finals respectively of the Africa Cup early this year.

    Renard retained the bulk of his African championship winning squad which is led by skipper Chris Katongo. Thomas Nyirenda who missed the Afcon finals because of injury returns to the squad while FIFA U20 Canada 2007 goalie Danny Munyau of Red Arrows gets a call to join the team of Africa’s best goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene and Kalililo Kakonje.

    Aaron Katebe of Hwange in Zimbabwe wins his first Chipolopolo call after impressing in training and the international practice against Angola.

    Roger Kola who has just joined top Belgian side Gent FC and Power Dynamos skipper Joseph Sitali also make the 26 man list.

    Releasing the squad in Lusaka, FAZ Spokesperson Erick Mwanza said: “the coach has made the call and like we have consistently stated, the team will have the best preparations possible. Over the last four years we have demonstrated that and going into the tough world cup qualifiers, our commitment will be as president Kalusha has stated 200%.”
    “The training camp of the African champions goes ahead as scheduled. Added to the list, Renard has put on standby Jacob Mulenga and Joseph Musonda who may report if they are ready for the rigours of such tough and competitive matches followinf their recent injuries. Our appeal is to the football family, fans and nation as a whole to rally with the team and support the squad,” Mwanza said adding “the road to Brazil will be tough and very difficult. We are ready for the challenge and will take each game as it comes.”

    Mwanza said Football House would be announcing other developments related to the team’s camp and preparations over the coming days.

    Full squad:

    Kennedy MWEENE , Kakonje KALILILO , Danny MUNYAU .

    Davies NKAUSU , Emmanuel M’BOLA , Stoppilla SUNZU , Chintu KAMPAMBA , Hichani HIMONDE , Aaron KATEBE , Nyambe MULENGA , Francis KASONDE .

    Nathan SINKALA , William NJOBVU , Isaac CHANSA , Thomas NIYRENDA , Joseph SITALI , Chisamba LUNGU , Raindford Kalaba , Noah CHIVUTA , Felix KATONGO .

    Jonas SAKUWAHA , Chistopher KATONGO , James CHAMANGA , Emmanuel MAYUKA , Rodger KOLA , Given SINGULUM

  16. Why NOAH CHIVUTA and CHAMANGA Again!

    I would rather pick Mbesuma to show skills to the rest of the players than Chamanga and I would rather have Cliford (Balotelli) Mulenga, Rodrick Kabwe or Mudenda than this average Chivuta

    N way i just hope Chamanga’s Charms will not block the likes of Sakuwaha and Singuluma again in terms game time

    Bottom line;
    I am tired of watching Chamanga and Chivuta let them retire with dignity since they have the AFCON Medals on their walls.

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